Document Your Collections

We can help museums and collectors document the details of their collections and ensure no detail is lost or forgotten.  From the maker to the medium to the measurement and condition, we can capture the details that define your collections. Our services include documentation and inventory, creating or amending collections management plans and policies, record keeping for insurance and other legal documents, as needed for private collectors.

Preserve Your Legacy

Objects require attention and care. Our staff is trained in the long-term preservation of art and artifacts and can help ensure the longevity and survival of your objects over the hazards of time and memory. By taking special care of collections now, and making appropriate choices for long term housing, installation and tracking, we can help you avoid costly conservation issues in the future.

Engage Your Stories

Stories are what make your collection unique and significant. We pride ourselves in helping to identify and capture these stories. Finding the human perspective in Art, History and Science—your collection has a voice and we can help you find that voice. Our services include building exhibitions to engage the public with your collection, as well as documenting stories of private collections to ensure their preservation for future generations.


There are many different types of values in objects, some is sentimental and other is monetary (fair market value, retail replacement value, marketable cash value, salvage value). Whether putting together insurance valuations, an inventory for estate planning purposes or considering a donation to a nonprofit or museum, we can help provide the appropriate type of valuation for your needs.  We are USPAP compliant and trained through the Appraiser Institute of America, part of the Appraiser Association of America.

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