Few private collections are amassed in an organized way. Collections emerge and evolve, and in many cases details are lost or forgotten. Our primary service is designed to help museums and private collectors to inventory and document the details of their collections.  Starting with the maker to the medium, through measurement and condition, through provenance research and documentation: These are the basic details that define your collection. Our collections management tools are key to obtaining adequate insurance overage and understanding the appropriate legal documents needed by private collectors. (click on hyperlinks for examples)

General Services Offered:

  • Collections inventory and photography (insurance, emergency planning, estate planning, etc)
  • Preservation (archival re-housing, display recommendations)
  • Donation guidance (determining appropriate museum, non-profit)
  • Collections evaluation (downsizing, donation vs. sale options)
  • Determining the best marketplace for dispersal of collection (auction vs. consignment vs. donation)
  • Personal stories capture (legacy planning, various end product options for families such as books, online collections)
  • Provenance and authentication research
  • Appraisals (insurance, estate planning, donations)
  • Museum services (loans, condition reporting, shipping and packing logistics)
  • Photography and digitization (in coordination with photo xo for photography based collections)

We are an insured Museum services company, call or email to talk further about any of our services.